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About Us

We are a small-batch producing Soap Studio located in Cumming, Georgia. We offer soap bars, bath bombs and body scrubs. We make a variety of soaps in different shapes, colors, scents and sizes, but one thing that is consistent is that we use only premium ingredients. We use natural, skin nourishing oils and additives, and offer soaps that are scented either with essential oils or fragrance oils to satisfy different preferences. We make products for women, men and children.


Notes on Handcrafted Soaps

In making handcrafted soaps it is often a trade-off, in that the more oil we use in the soap for moisturizing the less lather it produces. The more lather produced, the less oil.


Because we do not use preservatives or harsh chemicals in our products, the shelf-life is limited compared to commercially produced soaps. We recommend that most of our products be used within a year.


Essential oils offer many benefits. However if you are pregnant, take caution with essential oils. They are made by nature, but are highly concentrated, and can enter your blood stream. Some of these oils can have negative effects on the mother or baby. Consult your physician before using any products that contain them.


We Need Your Feedback!

We are always working to improve our products, appeal to our customer's preferences, be kind to the Earth while trying to offer the best value to you. We want to hear from you!. Please send us your opinions (good and bad) and suggestions. We take them very seriously and will act on them.



We work hard to reach out to our community. Most weekends we are out and about. We set up Pop-Up Shops in random places. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to see where we plan to Pop-Up next!

About Us